Fernando Alonso brutally honest about Lewis Hamilton; Fans reacted: It's an insult!

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Fernando Alonso brutally honest about Lewis Hamilton; Fans reacted: It's an insult!

Lewis Hamilton is having his worst season so far and seems far from what he envisioned. Mercedes has a lot of problems, and it is as if the end of the previous season ruined their dreams and influenced them to lose their team spirit and self-confidence.

Ferrari and Red Bull seem to be the main favorites, but we still have to wait until the very end, because there are a lot of races ahead of us. One of those who will perform this season is the legendary Fernando Alonso, in the Alpine team.

Fernando Alonso made an interesting statement in which he emphasized that the fastest car results in winning the title. He gave Hamilton, Sena, but also himself as an example. “It’s Formula 1. It has always been like this – said the Alpine driver – when Senna won races and titles, he had the fastest car.

When I won the championship, I had the fastest car. Michael had the fastest car. Lewis broke all records because he had the fastest car. Lewis is now driving very well and is 13th. This is Formula 1“

Alonso on Red Bull and Ferrari

Ferrari and Red Bull are now far from the rivalry.

Red Bull and Max Verstappen have the same ambitions as last year and seem to have a good chance for such a goal. Still, Ferrari is leading and this will be an interesting race to the end. We will see who will show more and more focus, but in any case, we will have an exciting season that we will remember.

‘There is no race at the moment [with Red Bull and Ferrari]. It’s like battling Lewis last year, or Verstappen. They start last and finish on the podium, so there’s not much to fight for,” concluded Alonso.

Lewis Hamilton gave a statement: “Naturally, your body does age, you do fatigue as you get older, it is a slower recovery. But I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m too down in the slope; I still feel like I relatively at the top!”Can this season give us what the previous one did? We hope so.