Sainz admits he’s using “techniques he’s not used to” to get on top of 2022 Ferrari

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Sainz admits he’s using “techniques he’s not used to” to get on top of 2022 Ferrari

Speaking in an interview with Formula 1 on Friday, Ferrari F1 driver Carlos Sainz said he has feasible reasons to be confident that he could become as fast as anyone in F1 arena once he gets a good grip on Ferrari F1-75.

Aside from that, Sainz also admitted that he was “still not 100 per cent happy with the car,” while he had to use techniques that he is not used to in order to get a hold on 2022 Ferrari F1 car. Expressing optimism that he could be as fast as teammate Leclerc or Red Bull’s Verstappen, Sainz added that spending more times behind the wheel is the only solution to understand the 2022 Ferrari F1-75.

Nevertheless, the Spaniard currently stands at fifth in driver’s championship race, 48 points behind teammate Charles Leclerc who has been leading the tally. However, Sainz has had a promising opening of the season with a podium 2 finish in Bahrain GP as well as a podium 3 finish at Jeddah in Saudi Arabian GP.

Nonetheless, following a crash on lap 2 in Australian GP that had spun his car into the wall, the Spaniard has had another nightmare in Imola, while he again went off track.

Sainz acknowledges he’s adopting techniques unfamiliar to him

Meanwhile, Sainz admitted that he has been using techniques which are unfamiliar to him to get a grip on the 2022 Ferrari F1 car.

Besides, speaking after recovering from p10 to p4 in Imola, Sainz said, “I’m glad I look from the outside comfortable. On the inside, it’s not comfortable yet. I’m still not as smooth as I’d like to be, and mistakes like [in qualifying] prove that maybe I’m still not 100% happy with the car and understanding it fully.

But I’m hustling out there. I’m trying my best to get it up to my liking, to change my driving – and mistakes are going to come when you’re challenging yourself like that. ”