W Series sees Miami GP season opener as a Springboard to growth

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W Series sees Miami GP season opener as a Springboard to growth

Formula 1 has been awaiting 46 long years for a woman driver and the delay in arrangement of a female F1 would likely to persist, though next week’s Miami GP season opener could be a significant landmark for the all-female W Series contemplating the popularity of Formula One in the United States, the all-female W Series founder Catherine Bond Muir said in an interview later this week.

On top of that, latest remarks from the all-female W Series founder Muir came forth as the single-seater female championship has been vying to vent out a way to step up its popularity. Nevertheless, the all-female W Series championship, that uses Formula 3 cars and has teamed up with the Formula One back in 2021, has stretched out this season’s events to 10 races, while the series also had cut a multi-year live coverage deal with Britain’s Sky Sports.

Miami GP season opener has been scheduled to open with back-to-back races at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

Miami GP season opener could be a gamechanger for all-female w championship

Meanwhile, speaking in an interview with a press agency reporter, expressing steep optimism over the series, Bond Muir said, “Unquestionably Miami is going to be the biggest race we've had," Bond Muir told Reuters.

The incoming commercial interest, and also the incoming media interest, is just like nothing we've had before. COTA [Austin's Circuit of the Americas] last year was a great entrance into the [U.S.] market but hopefully Miami will be a springboard to significant more interest”.

Formula One never had a female driver since Italy’s Lella Lombardi’s appearance back in the 1976s, while the all-female W Series has long been a project to help a female driver reach the toughest format of racing.