George Russell: 'That's why I'm better than Lewis Hamilton'

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George Russell: 'That's why I'm better than Lewis Hamilton'
George Russell: 'That's why I'm better than Lewis Hamilton'

George Russell is great this season at Mercedes, although Mercedes is far from what they would like to be. Nevertheless, Russell believes that the experience in Williams was of great help to him and that thanks to that he manages to get the most out of the Mercedes car.

"It’s just been difficult, really difficult position for us as a team," said Russell, as quoted by express. "Perhaps with my struggles at Williams driving very difficult cars, maybe that’s helped in some small regard.

And it’s Q1 and Q2 now for us is massively important whereas previously for Mercedes that was a breeze, it was almost like a build-up session getting ready for Q3. Lewis Hamilton is in desperate form this season and fails to show what adorned him in previous seasons.

Still, Russell hopes his team will return to the path of victory, especially Hamilton. "Lewis is going to come back incredibly strong, I have no doubt. He’s definitely going to push me all the way. I think in terms of results we’re definitely getting the most out of it and things have definitely fell our way in these first four races.


They will have to work hard and focus on the mistakes that obviously exist. For now, they are far from what they were aiming for before the start of the season. We'll see if they can succeed in what they set out to do.

Red Bull and Ferrari are far ahead of them for now. "It gives me and I’m sure it gives the team confidence that when the car improves, we’ll be there to get even more points on the board. But as I said before this weekend, we can’t sustain this level of these results if we’re in the pace where we are." Team spirit and determination will ultimately be crucial.

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