Wittich set to be FIA race director in Miami GP after Covid recovery

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Wittich set to be FIA race director in Miami GP after Covid recovery

Formula One is optimistic over a return of its regular 2022 Fia race director Niels Wittich on Miami GP which is scheduled to begin this Friday, as the race director finally tested negative for Covid-19. In factuality, clouds were clouting the fate of an inaugural Miami Grand Prix after both FIA race directors had been tested positive for Covid-19 after Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, as questions were mounting on who would take the place of scheduled race directors, if they are not tested negative for the pandemic pathogen at least a day before travelling into the US irrespective of their vaccination status as cited in a new US travel legislation.

Fortunately, as Wittich tested negative for Covid-19, it is expected that he will be directing the races in Miami GP. However, there has been no updates on Eduardo Freitas, who also was tested positive for Covid-19 alongside Wittich after the last race at Imola.

So far in the season, Wittich has been the race director on all four F1 events, while Freitas acted as his deputy.

Wittich to take charge at Miami GP after testing negative for Covid-19

Nonetheless, latest update on Wittich’s Covid-19 status came forth as there has been widespread rumors that the FIA might need to find a new race director for Miami GP.

Adding to further worries, an FIA spokesperson was quoted saying last week that F1 governing body would not disclose any of its official’s health status unless it is relevant to a running event. However, a press agency report had unveiled earlier on Monday that Wittich has been tested negative for Covid-19 over the weekend and will be fit to travel to attend the Miami GP.