Ricciardo urges F1 to keep Monaco GP


Ricciardo urges F1 to keep Monaco GP

Daniel Ricciardo, the 32-year-old Italian-Australian McLaren F1 driver who has had a salary of $17 million last year, says in an interview with an online news outlet that there are some core races in Formula One like of Monaco GP which should be preserved.

In factuality, latest remarks from the McLaren F1 driver came against the backdrop of an entirely innovative expansion stratagem adopted by F1 governing body, as the FIA chair Domenicali was quoted saying roughly a couple of weeks earlier that he would like to heighten up the number of races up to 30 per season, while an African GP could be announced as early as this year.

Since 1993, the continent did not host any F1 event. Nevertheless, in order to create space for more profitable events such as Miami or Austin GP, there has been widespread rumour that the F1 would slash less lucrative events like of Monaco GP.

Adding further worries for Monaco GP, the event which is often witnessed as a crown jewel in Formula One and has been absent from the F1 calendar only once back in the 1955s, has yet to secure a new contract beyond 2022.

F1 should keep legacy tracks like of Monaco GP, says Ricciardo

Meanwhile, speaking in an interview with an online news outlet, Ricciardo said that special events like of Monaco should not be deterred in order to create space for much profitable events like of a Saturday Las Vegas event, which is set to make its debut next year.

Besides, Ricciardo added, “Monaco is special. I think the thing is, I love the addition of some of these new circuits, new cities that we’re going to. I’m all for it, because it’s also like new experiences and engaging another audience which is fun, and it keeps the sport growing.

I like sharing the sport with more of the globe, and ultimately sharing our passion with more people. There are those core F1 venues and circuits such as Monaco. It’s a special weekend. For sure, like the race, it’s one of the trickiest circuits to overtake so, you know, I’m not sure it provides like the ultimate viewing experience on a Sunday but the weekend experience and just everything that is Monaco is special and unique.

Winning it or not, I think going there as an F1 driver and having that and experiencing all the emotions that go with competing in Monaco, it’s unique. I’m very, very happy to have that, and have experienced that in my career.

I guess I would wish, you know, call it the next generation to also experience that because it is special”.

Daniel Ricciardo