Red Bull's chief shocked many: What Max Verstappen did in Brazil was naughty

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Red Bull's chief shocked many: What Max Verstappen did in Brazil was naughty

Last season is something that will still be talked about and that will be talked about in the coming years. The race between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton lasted until the last minute. It all looked like Hamilton would win another title and continue his dominance, but Verstappen did not give up easily, he showed character and courage, and in the end, with a lot of luck, won the title.

The Dutchman received a lot of criticism at the beginning and end of the season because of his driving style, where he was sometimes too aggressive, and he tested Hamilton's nerves many times. Red Bull’s chief technical officer, Adrian Newey, spoke to The Race about Verstappen and his driving style, and believes Max was ‘naughty’ at times.

“What’s great about Max is you always know what the car is capable of because he always gets in it and wrings its neck,” Newey said. “His feedback is good, he’s very aware of what the tyres are doing and how to manage them.

I think his reputation for being wild is unfair. “Probably what he did in Brazil last year was a bit naughty. Saudi was silly. I think he got frustrated with Lewis not overtaking him but he still shouldn’t have brake-tested him.

Newey on Hamilton's mistake

However, Newey also believes that Hamilton had mistakes, and he mentioned Silverstone as one of them. By the way, Newey also confirmed what most of the people on the team said; Max Verstappen is a person who is willing to listen to comments, criticisms, and work on his mistakes, but sometimes he knows how to burn out in his desire.

“But Silverstone to me was a clear professional foul [by Hamilton] and people seem to have a short memory. They brand an individual and it takes time for that to go. “He’s very easy to work with, very open. You ask him to do things and he will always try”.

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