Hamilton says he’s delighted that F1 has “Cracked” the US with Miami GP

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Hamilton says he’s delighted that F1 has “Cracked” the US with Miami GP

MercedesLewis Hamilton, the seven-time world champion, has been very excited over an upcoming Miami GP which is scheduled to start off this Friday, as the 37-year-old Briton opens up his view on a Grand Prix in Miami in an interview with F1 on Tuesday.

Hamilton, who holds the record of winning the highest number of podium-finishes and shares the highest number of driver’s championship titles with Michael Schumacher, had won six Grand Prixes in the United States.

Though, this season’s story is likely to be different as Hamilton has not been contemplated as a title contender after experiencing a catastrophic beginning of the season. Mercedes 2022 F1 car has yet to make a lot of ground to reach the lightning speed of Red Bulls and Ferrari, as Mercedes boss Wolf was found to be apologizing to Hamilton following a devastating Imola GP for the Mercedes F1 team, where Hamilton had finished at thirteenth after having been met with very little rooms to overtake.

The Imola event remains a witness to one of the worst performances of Hamilton.

Hamilton “super excited” over Miami GP

Meanwhile, speaking in an interview with F1, while being asked whether he is happy with the latest F1 moves to cut two new deals to arrange racing events in Miami and Las Vegas, Hamilton said, “Yes, I mean, growing up knowing how amazing the sport is and seeing that there was still quite a disconnect between the US and the rest of the world in terms of the passion for this sport, it's really amazing to see that we've cracked it and there's a growing love in the States”.

Speaking of a highly energetic fan in the US, Hamilton added, “There are massive sporting fans out there. And I mean, Miami is going to be an experience for all of us, for the racing community, for those that are the fans out there that are watching, the fans that are going to be flying in that maybe have never been there before. The US has a lot to offer in that space. So, it's super exciting”.

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