F1 legendary driver on Charles Leclerc: "He must look up to ... "

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F1 legendary driver on Charles Leclerc: "He must look up to ... "

It seems that this season there will be a fight between Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen until the very end. Yet the season is long, and many things can still change. Damon Hill believes that Leclerc must evaluate things in a better way, and he mentioned Imola as an example.

“We’ve seen with Charles of course, Imola was an opportunity to consolidate,” Damon Hill said on the F1 Nations podcast. “And he went for a move which was just a little bit too ambitious, and he called it greedy.

I was watching sitting down. Literally, I almost grabbed my wife’s leg as he turned in, [when] they showed it from the onboard. “The moment he turned in, you knew it was too much. I’m not even in the car and I could see it on the telly.

I was going, ‘That is not going to work.’ Boom, he spun off”. “[Leclerc] just thought, ‘I’ll launch it over the kerb,’ and it was just far too ambitious,” he added.

Damon Hill example

Damon Hill mentioned Sergio Perez as an example of how he should behave.

Still, the Mexican has more experience in Formula 1, and it's no wonder he got his composure. Charles Leclerc will have to work on many things, but he is already a top driver and a competitor for the top. This is an ideal chance for Ferrari to finally come to victory after a long break.

“And you think, why do that when you’ve got so much responsibility? That’s the sort of thing that you need to weed out of your portfolio as a top driver. You can’t be doing rash moves like that. “You look at Sergio.

Sergio’s a safe pair of hands. He’s quick, and he’s a safe pair of hands. He hardly ever does anything crazy. He’s really good”.

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