Legendary F1 driver: That’s why George Russell is better than Lewis Hamilton

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Legendary F1 driver: That’s why George Russell is better than Lewis Hamilton
Legendary F1 driver: That’s why George Russell is better than Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton, this season is nowhere near the form he once was. His teammate George Russell on the other hand is much better, and many are wondering what the problem is. Juan Pablo Montoya thinks Russell is much better, given the experience at Williams that has helped him.

“I think the biggest difference is that you got to remember, George has been in Williams for the past three-four seasons. So, he’s been in the melee every weekend,” Juan Montoya said in conversation with Vegasinsider.

“And Lewis, the last seven-eight seasons, he’s been cruising by himself every weekend. He hasn’t really raced people because when he gets to lap them, everybody needs to get out of the way.“ “All of a sudden he’s stuck in traffic and it doesn’t matter how good you are, if you don’t practice it, it’s hard”.

George Russell vs Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has huge ambitions and is certainly motivated, but the end of last season had a big impact on him. “I know he doesn’t want to get his ass kicked every week by George.

George looks a lot more comfortable and is pushing, and he’s got a point to prove. Whereas Lewis doesn’t really need to prove anything”. Also one of the problems is the car. Montoya believes that Hamilton's car is not at the level it should be, and that he is not comfortable in it.

“Give him a winning car and you’ll see how different he’s gonna behave”. continuing “I think Lewis is really focused on making the car better and is just really uncomfortable in the car”.

Obviously, Mercedes will have to work on improving the car, because this is something we are not used to. It will take a lot of effort and work. “Did he forget how to drive? No, that doesn’t happen. You don’t forget overnight. He’s just not happy with the car”.

George Russell Lewis Hamilton

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