'Lewis Hamilton is not the main problem' - Martin Brundle reveals the biggest problem

"It's way too early to talk about Lewis leaving."

by Sead Dedovic
'Lewis Hamilton is not the main problem' - Martin Brundle reveals the biggest problem

Martin Brundle has defended Lewis Hamilton and believes that the criticism directed at Hamilton is unnecessary and that there are some problems that are much bigger, such as the car. "All of a sudden, he's fed up, he's had enough, he should retire," Brundle told Sky Sports News.

"That's just utter nonsense. His car's not working... let's hope Mercedes can get the car working sooner or later." He finds it ridiculous to talk about Hamilton's departure "It's way too early to talk about Lewis leaving.

"It's only a few months ago that we were wondering whether the Brazilian GP weekend was Lewis' greatest-ever drive. "We can't go from the revelation of Brazil to: He's a busted flush, he should stop. That's just silly talk.

"I loved his line - 'it's my masterpiece and I'll decide when it's finished' - I thought it was genius. I think that summed it up perfectly. He can call the shots."

Marko and Norris on Hamilton

Helmut Marko believes that Lewis knows best when to retire.

"I think he knows pretty well the time to retire." "Nobody can take the legend status anymore and we are here to provide him with a machine that is capable to win him his eighth title, whether it is this year or the next." Norris also had something to say about rumors that Hamilton would retire.

"I don't believe he is because he is too talented and has too much skill," said Norris. Brundle added: "I think George is handling a bad car better than Lewis is," said Brundle. "George has still got all the motivation and the enthusiasm, and he has had three years of manhandling a Williams around, getting better results than it perhaps should have done.

"He's doing a fine job and I think he's very special. I'm not at all surprised he's at least matching Lewis, that's exactly what I expected him to do."

Lewis Hamilton