Sergio Perez traveled from New York to Florida in a championship car

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Sergio Perez traveled from New York to Florida in a championship car

This weekend is the long-awaited first race for the Miami Grand Prix in the history of Formula 1, and Oracle Red Bull Racing sent its driver Sergio Perez on a unique trip from New York to the city of Florida, in a car that is 2011.

year Red Bull brought a double crown. After four races this season of Formula 1, current world champion Max Verstappen is in second place, and his teammate Perez is in third place in the drivers' standings. The world's fastest circus is moving to the United States this weekend, where Miami will host its first Formula 1 race.

Red Bull drivers have already cruised roads around the world in the Road Trips video series: from the US and the Netherlands to South Africa and the Czech Republic, and Perez boarded RB7, the 2011 Sebastian Vettel, in his debut road trip.

won his second Red Bull title.


In the video titled "Race to Miami", there is a misunderstanding between Perez and Christian Horner, the head of Oracle Red Bull Racing, who sends Perez on an impossible mission to arrive in Miami in one day from New York.

With the help of his boxing team - which includes wakeboard legend Parks Bonifay and Miami Dolphins American football player Byron Jones - Perez races the streets of New York, then the Everglades National Park, and finally arrives at the Miami International Autodrome.

on which the Miami GP will be ridden. I liked my first trip with Red Bull. I remember the one where Daniel [Ricciardo, a former Red Bull driver] crosses the Golden Gate Bridge, and I never thought I would have a chance to participate either.

I think Miami is the perfect location for Formula 1, it is a very fun city and has good energy. The track looks great and I can’t wait to see the fans. "I loved taking part in my first Red Bull road trip. I remember seeing one of Daniel (former team driver Ricciardo) crossing the Golden Gate Bridge and never thought I would get the chance to be part of it.

I think Miami is the perfect place for Formula One, it's an entertaining city, and there's good energy there. The track looks awesome, and I can't wait to see all the fans there. Austin always feels like a home race for me, and I think Miami will be similar." said Sergio Perez.

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