Formula One drivers raise concern over bumpy Miami GP track

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Formula One drivers raise concern over bumpy Miami GP track

As several F1 drivers seemed to be struggling with the Miami track in opening practice session, Lando Norris and Sergio Perez have sharply criticized the Miami GP surface. Aside from that, there have been unexpected crashes, too, as Alfa Romeo’s Bottas spun backward at turn 7, which in effect had damaged his car’s rear wing, while Ferrari’s Sainz crashed at turn 14.

Mclaren F1 Team driver Norris stood at sixth after Fridays second session, though he does not seem to be happy at all as Norris said, “It is extremely tricky. It is very bumpy in some areas, which is not quite what we were expecting.

"I think everyone was expecting it to be very smooth and beautiful, but it's not”.

F1 drivers expresses worries over bumpy Miami GP track

Speaking of the surface, Norris added, “The surface is very tricky as well because you go off line anywhere and it is pretty much game over and you end up in the wall, so it [is] punishing, let's say.

That is why you have seen quite a few people ending up in the barriers. I feel like it isn't going to be great for racing now. That is the negatives, but the positives are it is still a good track” Echoing the tone of Norris, Red Bull’s Perez said, “I am really disappointed there is no grip off line.

It's a shame because I think the racing will be bad due to that. As soon as you try to go off line, there is no grip. It's wet on that side. It feels very gravelly. Racing will be hard. I think it's going to be an interesting race.

We are all in the same boat. We don't know exactly where we are. There's only really one line. You go off line and there's zero grip. That's going to make racing a little bit tricky, but they are finding their way into it and finding the balance and setup compromise for the types of corner that you've got here. It's quite challenging”.