Max Verstappen: "I was a bit surprised because..."


Max Verstappen: "I was a bit surprised because..."

Max Verstappen finished third in Miami. In front of him were two Ferrari drivers, and that; Carlos Sainz as the second, and Charles Leclerc as the first. Max Verstappen is satisfied after all, as he has had some mechanical problems "Overall, I'm pretty pleased with qualifying.

I literally did four or five laps yesterday," Verstappen said, as quoted by motorsport. "So the whole day today I was still trying to learn to track, trying to find a decent balance in the car. And actually to be that competitive in qualifying, I was a bit surprised because it's not an easy track to learn.

"You want to be on pole, but from where we come from, I think we did a really good job.

Verstappen on his car

Verstappen believes that certain things should not happen to them, given that they have a good car and good potential in the next races.

"But we have to start making the weekends less difficult because like this you know it's always going to be tricky, but we have a good chance for tomorrow. "We have good top speed, I think the car's handling quite well. So I'm looking forward to that." Verstappen still doesn't know what to expect, given the weather, but also the behavior of the tires.

Clearly, Red Bull and Ferrari will be fighting for the title, and it looks like no one else will stand a chance in this race. Still, the season is long and a lot can still happen. "It's quite slippery outside of the normal racing line.

But we'll see," he said. "A lot of things can happen tomorrow, I think it is gonna be even warmer than today. So it also depends a bit on how the tyres are going to behave." Ferrari drivers will try to take advantage of this, and we will see if they succeed.

Max Verstappen