Lando Norris did not choose words criticizing the Miami track!


Lando Norris did not choose words criticizing the Miami track!

The race in Miami was something completely new for all F1 drivers. Most did not know what to expect from everything, so several drivers were dissatisfied with the track after the race. Although most were optimistic before this race, there seem to be more who were disappointed.

But it is also an integral part of that sport, and what they are used to. One of those who was dissatisfied was Lando Norris, a promising McLaren driver. “It was tricky. Honestly, I think it is a good race track. It is just the track surface is not what it needs to be.

It is not at the level it needs to be for Formula 1”. - Norris said, as quoted by firstsportz.

Lando Norris on the race

Lando Norris surprised many with his comments, and was obviously disappointed after all. Still, there are many races ahead of him, and he will have to forget about everything.

"We come here, everyone expects a great race and we just can’t do it because of the surface we are racing on. You see every time someone goes a little bit wide, you lose two seconds. I think also the track is tearing up and literally turning into crap so we have to start using all these kerbs because if you stay on it, it is just like oil or something”.

Norris believes a lot needs to be done to improve the track. “It was just terrible so they just need to rethink it and hopefully resurface it with something we know is actually working and gives good grip, makes good racing and things like that.

Then I think it will be an even better weekend next year." However, McLaren must continue, prepare for what awaits them, and their ambitions remain the same as before. Obviously they have a lot of problems that they will have to work on.

Lando Norris