F1 Teams open up on Miami GP as the event became F1’s Super Bowl

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F1 Teams open up on Miami GP as the event became F1’s Super Bowl

The inaugural Miami GP had been indubitably one of the most vibrant events in Formula 1’s history as the event is widely branded as the Super Bowl of Formula One. Shortly before the Miami GP, everywhere there had been renowned stars with Tom Brady crossing paths with Michael Jordan in Mercedes’ garage, David Beckham greeting Williams sisters on Red Bull arena, Michael Douglas visiting Aston Martin as well as Shawn Mendes taking a look at McLaren among others.

The atmosphere could not have been any better in terms of presence of stars and audiences, though many questioned whether the racing event lived up to its hype. On a neutral viewpoint, Miami GP has not been a classic event, though it did not lack suspense, as an introduction of a late safety car at lap 41 had briefly increased the tempo with Leclerc chasing Red Bull’s Verstappen.

However, at the end of the day, Leclerc remained satisfied with a podium-two finish as Miami track has reportedly been bumpier than any other F1 grids. Leclerc did not try hard enough to surpass Verstappen that in effect could have jeopardize a podium-two finish, who has been near-perfect and extremely pacey throughout the race.

Verstappen opened up the race at P3, but shortly after the race took off, Verstappen overtook Leclerc at Lap 9 and since then, there had not been any turning back for the 24-year-old flying dutchman.

F1 teams' reaction on Miami GP

Meanwhile, speaking with a press agency, Mercedes boss Toto Wolf said, “This event was spectacular.

The city has been totally hyped around Formula One all week. The fan support is great and honestly, I have never been in a race that created such a buzz around Formula One and interest like Miami this time around. You can't cross the paddock because there were so many people here and that's good.

We should be happy that we have such strong support”. Besides, Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz, who had had a podium-three finish, said, “I think it was a mega event. It's not easy on the first event to put such a well-organized venue together.

There were so many people coming, so many people in the paddock... for me the paddock was incredibly full!” In tandem, expressing optimism over the Miami GP, Mercedes' Hamilton said, “I thought the track was great," Lewis Hamilton said. "I think the chicane is not spectacular but that's the only weak point”.