Will Formula One’s all-America gamble pay off?

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Will Formula One’s all-America gamble pay off?

Although the United States’ motorsport community had shown an utter reluctance to accept Formula One for long, a latest all-America venture from F1 into the United States with at least three events from next year raised question on whether an entirely new F1 governing body’s decision to gamble on the United States would pay off.

In the matter of the fact, a sharp uptick in hype regarding Formula One racing in the United States has been closely related to a Netflix Original “Race to Survive” that illustrated the interiors of each F1 Team including their preparations before racing as well as garages.

Nevertheless, over recent years, the F1 has signed off two contracts to arrange a Miami GP alongside a Saturday night Las Vegas event, bringing the tally to three. However, even as the Miami GP has not been a classic F1 event that took place last weekend and an ultra-perfect Verstappen had notched a maximum 26 points and narrowed down his gap with Leclerc to 18 in the driver’s championship title, the event offered thrill and enthusiasm with a bumpy track alongside presence of a flurry of celebrity audiences.

Will F1’s US venture pay off?

If truth is to be spoken, the United States spent eight years back in the 1980s alongside 90s without a single stateside motorsport event, vindicating a sheer unwillingness to racing.

Nonetheless, contemplating the latest excitement on Miami GP as well as the number of audiences around the grid, future of Formula 1 in the United States seemed to be highly lucrative, suggested analysts.

On top of that, Austin GP had notched a record number of audiences ever in any Formula One event last year, reflecting a surge in popularity of F1 in the United States at a breakneck pace.