Ralf Schumacher: “Lewis Hamilton is an egoist”

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Ralf Schumacher: “Lewis Hamilton is an egoist”

Ralf Schumacher, a former F1 driver, and now Sky Sports expert, compared two Mercedes drivers: the young George Russell and Lewis Hamilton. Schumacher believes Russell is a ‘different’ caliber driver, unlike Valteri Bottas who could not match Hamilton in a Mercedes.

He chose no words when praising this great driver. Russell is now a different caliber for Lewis [Hamilton] than Bottas was and, above all, he is a constant caliber”. “He’s also someone who picks people up – just like Hamilton.

He makes a likable and very chummy impression in the team”. - he said, as quoted by motorsport.

Schumacher on Hamilton

Schumacher believes that Lewis is afraid that he has such a driver next to him who gives his best and who could be the 'key' person in the coming seasons.

So far, he has shown great quality. “[George Russell] digs a little bit of the water out of Lewis in every respect. He can just handle it better and that bothers Lewis, I’m pretty sure." "That’s clear, he’s an egoist, like all of us were as racing drivers, and I was too, I admit that.

In any case, I have to say, it will bother him. One hundred percent!” Mercedes has huge problems this season and will have to work on many things if they want to be competitive with others. They are far from the title now, and it is obvious that the incident in Abu Dhabi mentally destroyed them.

Yet we know how many years they have dominated and we must never underestimate them. Maybe they will make a miracle this or next season. “Lewis is still struggling with the car and has often complained – ok, we know that even if he was fast – but he still has his difficulties there. At least it’s going in the right direction,” he concluded.