Formula 1’s Jewellery ban is for the right reasons, says GPDA’s Alex Wurz

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Formula 1’s Jewellery ban is for the right reasons, says GPDA’s Alex Wurz

In what could be viewed as a buffer amid conflict between the F1 drivers, in particular Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton, and the F1 Governing body over jewellery ban, the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association Chair Alex Wurz said on Tuesday that F1 has been right to deter the usage of any kind of jewellery in cockpits.

Nevertheless, gazing on the flipside of the coin, Wurz was quoted as saying that the FIA could have enforced the legislation in a more flexible way. In the matter of the fact, latest remarks from the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association Chair Wurz came against the backdrop of a months-long dispute between the seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton as well as the FIA, as the 37-year-old Briton who has been holding the record of winning the highest number of podium-finishes alongside championship titles, had denied to remove his ear piercings over the Miami GP.

Fanning up the flames further, the Briton was also quoted saying following last weekend’s Miami GP that he had no plans to remove his jewelleries in the cockpit, heightening up the tensions further between the legendary F1 driver and an entirely new Formula One governing body.

Wurz said F1 could be more flexible on drivers’ jewellery ban

Meanwhile, speaking in an interview, the former McLaren and Williams driver, Wurz, who remains deeply involved in drivers’ safety and education since his retirement, Wurz said, “It is a rule for the right reasons.

I would have probably liked a slightly different approach of how to deliver the message. I don't want to end up in football where there are more hands in the air and verbal have to work together. It's a style I would have preferred in this case”.

On last year’s Monaco GP, Lewis Hamilton was being told to remove his jewelleries on May 29, though he did not remove them at that time.