Fernando Alonso brutally honest: Stewards found themselves with their hands tied

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Fernando Alonso brutally honest: Stewards found themselves with their hands tied

Fernando Alonso is known for not choosing words sometimes and for being brutally honest. And this time it was like that. After being penalized, Alonso was furious at the conference on stewards and believes they did not make fair decisions.

“We believe that it was very unfair and it was just incompetence from the stewards They were not very professional in Miami. I missed one corner and then I gave back the time on the lap, but obviously after you miss one corner, there is the sector time just after that corner, so the [purple mini-sector] colour [comes up].

They took the decision without asking [for] any proof”. The Alpine team also provided evidence that was against the steward's decisions. Still, that didn’t change anything, and Alonso explains it by the fact that they couldn’t withdraw their decision.

“We arrived after the race with all the proof and all [the data showing] the time back that we gave and they were just packing up. They were not even in the room. We came there, we showed them all the data. So, they said ‘give us five minutes’.

And then they found themselves with their hands tied, probably because they issued the penalty already and they didn’t know how to get back from that document”.

Fernando Alonso on stewards

He believes that such things should not happen in the future.

Stewards are still people and they make mistakes, but lately in Formula 1 there are more and more such situations that cause anger. “So, it was very bad and honestly… it’s already the past, but it is something that should not happen in Formula 1, with professionals and the standards that Formula 1 has right now”.

An interesting season awaits us, which could be full of similar decisions. There will always be dissatisfaction, that's for sure. Still, we hope for those nicer things and nicer moments.