Monaco GP needs to make change to stay at Formula One

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Monaco GP needs to make change to stay at Formula One
Monaco GP needs to make change to stay at Formula One

As an eventful Monaco GP has rounded off in the past weekend, criticisms grew louder over the tracks feasibility and competitiveness to stay in the Formula One. On top of that, even before the opening of Monaco GP, an entirely new F1 governing body which has been vying to vent out a way to aggressively expand across the United States and Middle East while removing legacy tracks likes of Monaco, seemed indecisive on whether it will renew its contract for another Monaco GP next year.

Monaco GP has been one of the bumpiest tracks in Formula One, while it is frequently contemplated the narrowest track in F1 that markedly diminishes competitiveness. However, F1 experts have offered a barrage of advices on what must be done for a new contract contemplating that Formula One currently has no shortage of venues considering its latest expansion stratagem.

Many experts had expressed a pessimistic view on Monaco GP adding that the part of F1’s legacy, could be left behind as early as by next year. Even, whispers are building up that the event could be dropped from F1 schedule permanently.

Monaco GP needs to improve to stay on Formula One

Adding further holocaust on future of Monaco GP, Formula One boss Stefano Domenicali, a former Ferrari team principal, had indicated that Monaco GP must change to stay on F1 schedule.

There had been a number of complains during last weekend’s Monaco GP, as overtaking seemed to be as rare as cut-price tickets as well as cheap accommodations in Monte Carlo. Nonetheless, many F1 professionals still believe that Monaco GP should stay at F1 calendar contemplating its seven-decade long legacy, as Mercedes team boss alongside co-owner Toto Wolff said, “I'm biased.

I live here, I love the city. I think what Monaco has to offer is spectacular. We have the support of the prince, and Formula One is important for Monaco and Monaco is important for Formula One. Monaco has to embrace the new realities of what the sport stands for today, and the impact it has on the world, and at the same time Monaco will always be respected within the Formula One community as something that is special. But no-one should take things for granted”.