Max Verstappen wins in Baku: "Today we were good and lucky"

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Max Verstappen wins in Baku: "Today we were good and lucky"

Max Verstappen won the GB in Baku, Azerbaijan, ahead of his Red Bull teammate Perez. At the press conference Max said: "I had a great pace, I was able to take care of the tires. I managed to pass Checo for the lead and we were also lucky for the opponents to retire.

The car was excellent today, I would have had all the Race ahead. I'm happy with the balance of the car. Success depended on the tires and the overall grip of the car. That's what you need on this track: taking care of the tires.

We also had a double win, so it's a great day for us. Canada? Every weekend is different. You have to be precise and pay attention to the little things. But every race can change everything. Tire management was crucial. I did well with the averages, but I didn't have the top speed to overtake Leclerc.

We have opted for different strategies. When he retired I managed and won. The race is always different from qualifying, I can't find the peak there. The season is long, many things can happen. We have to stay focused, because it's never enough."

Leclerc and Binotto's words

Charles Leclerc, on lap 21, had a power unit problem while he was leading the race. He said: "With the last three races it seems that we have a reliability problem. I can't find the right words.

It hurts. We are three races that we are competitive but we don't get the result. We do a reset and tomorrow we start again. We cannot ignore these points. lost. They are important stops, they are another 25 points lost and they are a lot.

It hurts. Now I don't see positive sides." Mattia Binotto of Ferrari added: "These are two retirements that penalize us for the way the race was going. Good strategy with Charles, but reliability is a problem. As we didn't get excited before, we don't give up now.

With the increase in power of the PU, perhaps we have lost in reliability. Each case has to be seen separately. We have to look at everything, including Carlos. Reliability is 360 degrees, the car as a whole. Performance and reliability must be perfect.

we are able to solve the problem. On the medium tires we had a similar pace to Red Bull, on the hard tires we were confident that we would reach the end of the race. In my opinion they were wrong not to stop, too bad we didn't realize it.

Canada is in a week, we will analyze but we will not correct certain problems. We will try to manage, put new components. We have to look at what has happened and then we will act. It may happen to take penalties for the replacement of parts, but we will decide on time n time."