Max Verstappen won the Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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Max Verstappen won the Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Max Verstappen won the Azerbaijan Grand Prix ahead of teammate Sergio Perez and George Russell, who finished third. Lewis Hamilton won an excellent fourth place. Ferrari was left without a single point because Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz had to give up due to a car breakdown.

Leclerc left the first position to Sergio Perez, who had a great start, and the trouble for Ferrari started in the ninth lap when Carlos Sainz had to give up due to a brake failure. Under the virtual safety car, Leclerc went to the pits for hard tires and returned to third place behind two Red Bulls.

“It really hurts,” said the Ferrari man, who has retired from the lead in two of the last three GPs. “We really need not have this happen again. We had no big problems at the beginning of the season and we haven’t changed massive things.

It’s hard to understand and very disappointing”.

Russell scored his third podium finish of the year.

He maintained his record as the only driver to score in every race. “It was pretty brutal out there,” Russell confirmed.

“I’ll sleep well tonight after a race on a track that is not usually that physical”. Verstappen overtook Perez in the 15th lap, who was told from the pits not to fight with a teammate, and all the trouble for Red Bull disappeared in the 20th lap when white smoke came from Leclerc's car and the race was over for him.

For the unfortunate Leclerc, it was the second withdrawal in the last three races and a probable farewell to the title fight. Verstappen held first place without any problems until the end of the race, and on the track where he almost lost the title last year due to a flat tire, he reached the 25th victory in his career.

He now has 150 points in the first place, 21 more than Perez and 34 more than Leclerc. Red Bull increased the lead in the overall standings to a huge 84 points advantage over Ferrari.