Another nightmare for Ferrari as Leclerc, Sainz suffer double retirement in Baku

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Another nightmare for Ferrari as Leclerc, Sainz suffer double retirement in Baku

In what has been witnessed as another nightmare for Ferrari engineers, the F1 team which are a potential title contender this season, had experienced double DNF on Baku GP, eventually jeopardizing the team’s title-dream.

Although, Ferrari’s Leclerc had claimed pole position on Saturday’s qualifying with enthralling pace, raising questions on whether he had been the fastest F1 racer, and Sainz seized a fourth spot, both of the cars had been out of race in just 20 laps.

Sainz has been at fourth position on lap nine, when his car was stopped due to a hydraulic issue. However, Leclerc had lost his pole position on Turn 1 to Red Bull’s Sergio Perez, though, he took a different stratagem against both Perez and Verstappen through a well-timed pit-stop after introduction of a virtual safety car.

Nonetheless, chances of a spectacular fightback for Leclerc were lost at lap 20, while his car has been met with a power failure issue. There were smokes smearing from the back of his car. The 24-year-old Monacan immediately left the car and Ferrari F1 team later confirmed that this was due to a power issue.

Leclerc, Sainz face double DNF

Shortly after having been met with another DNF, Leclerc said to Sky Sports, “It hurts. We need to look into it so it doesn't happen again. I don't find the right words to describe.

It's really disappointing. We need to look into it”. While being asked whether another unfortunate DNF in Baku GP could add to a significant blow to Ferrari’s title hope, Leclerc said, “It's more than significant.

Yeah, I don't really have the words to be honest, I came straight from the car to here”. However, adding a more solacing voice, Sainz said, “We were looking forward to start pushing after 9 laps of managing the tyres and trying to have a good introduction to the tyres and suddenly the hydraulics went and that was it, even more frustrating to see Charles not finishing and have another issue, for sure a tough day for all of us.

We are a team, we will go through different moments in the year, this one is one of the most difficult and frustrating but we will try and make sure we recover it”.