Formula One closes in deal to secure a South Africa GP

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Formula One closes in deal to secure a South Africa GP

An entirely new F1 governing body which appear to be pushing towards an aggressive expansion stratagem, have reportedly been nearing a deal to secure a South African GP which would more likely to be taken place at Kyalami.

Apart from that, a press agency report has quoted sources as saying in a report released late on Monday that a South Africa GP could be on Formula 1 schedule as early as by next year. Adding further optimism among Formula One fans, the F1 Chief Executive Domenicali had travelled to South Africa straight from Baku after finishing the Azerbaijan GP.

It is expected that Stefano Domenicali will hold constructive talks over a Kyalami Grand Prix during the tour, the press agency report added.

In point of fact, latest media headlines came forth as Formula One has been looking forwards to hose a racing event in Africa, the only remaining continent where F1 does not have a venue. If truth is to be spoken, Formula One had stopped holding racing events in South Africa back in the 1993s.

F1 closes in deal to secure a South Africa GP

As Formula One management have been looking to add a South Africa GP at its calendar as early as from next year, a number of F1 racers including the seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton has been the most vocal advocates of holding a race in Kyalami, which is situated at the north of Johannesburg.

Kyalami track had hosted racing events between 1967 and 1985 as well as in the 1992 and 1993. Besides, the track has recently refurbished its facilities to meet FIA standards aimed at hosting a modern racing event.