Toto Wolff on race directors: "It's a difficult job because.."

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Toto Wolff on race directors: "It's a difficult job because.."

Many complain about steward decisions in F1 and believe that some things need to change. Mattia Binotto commented on such recommendations::
"If I look at the start of the season, certainly as Ferrari we cannot be happy with that.

I think often we have been disadvantaged by decisions, but that's the way it is. "We understand the difficulty. I think in order to make them improve; we need to help them as well. I think it has to be a collaboration between the teams and the race directors, to make sure they understand, they improve as fast as possible.

"No doubt that so far in the season, sometimes there was no consistency in decisions, I think we cannot deny that, as we cannot deny it's not an easy job. It will take some time. We just need to hasten it as much as possible."

- he said for motorsport.

Toto Wolff on the race

But Mercedes chief Toto Wolf also commented on the race directors and believes that they too have the right to make mistakes, but over time things could get better. "Like Mattia said, it's a difficult job because you're also in the spotlight and certainly, Monaco, when you're thrown into this weather condition, climate, and then suddenly you need to make decisions, that is very, very difficult," Wolff explained.

"And I think the more races will pass, the more experience they will get, the more they will cope also with the pressure that Formula 1 brings with it. But they are part of Formula 1, as are the teams. "Teams make mistakes, because a wheel is not on the car, or you get the strategy wrong.

In the same way the race director is in the firing line. So, I think it's the same for everyone." We will see if there will be an improvement, but we are used to scenes like this.