Haas F1 boss Gunther Steiner reaction to FIA statement: Is that really fair? No

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Haas F1 boss Gunther Steiner reaction to FIA statement: Is that really fair? No

The Canadian Grand Prix could be interesting, given that the FIA has issued a technical directive on porpoising problems. Pierre Gasly is happy that the FIA has reacted. "You can't even realise what it's like, just watching from the onboards or watching from the outside," Gasly said for motorsport.

"I'm just happy they understood this is a serious topic for all of us going forward. We are not here just to complain just because we want to complain about something, we are not like that. "We all love the sport as it is.

We all try to just make it like a better place and push it forward. "This is just a concern for our health, all of us before even relating it to any performance, just putting all the performance aside." Gasly believes this will not affect performance.

"I think we are talking about, there are things that could be changed that would affect a very, very little part of the performance of everyone's cars," he said.

Gunther Steiner's reaction

Haas F1 boss Gunther Steiner had an interesting comment and is surprised by these decisions.

"We need to measure what it is actually," Steiner said. "I think some of the cars are pretty bad, but there is a solution: just raise the ride height. But then you go slow - and who wants to go slow? "I don't know how many years ago when in the middle of the season we had a change of tyres, something like this, you change it fundamentally, you could change the pecking order again completely.

"Is that really fair? No. They use because of the safety factor. Yes it is a safety factor, but that could be approached as well that if it is too dangerous, just raise the ride height. "I think the measurement of this is to find a way where it is dangerous without changing the regulations, to find the limit of something, saying if you are above this threshold… I don't know what penalty you could give. "I have no idea and I haven't looked into it. Let's see a little bit in the next days."