Lewis Hamilton says podium is overwhelming after form battle at Montreal GP

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Lewis Hamilton says podium is overwhelming after form battle at Montreal GP

Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time world champion, said after finishing third in Canadian Grand Prix that a podium in Montreal GP which may have ended a run of bad form for the 37-year-old, appears to be overwhelming. In the matter of the fact, Hamilton has been struggling to control his Mercedes’ F1 car earlier in the season, while even in Baku GP, Hamilton required assistance to get out of the car after violently being rattled for an hour and a half.

Nevertheless, Hamilton appears more comfortable than any other races this season, while he also had surpassed Verstappen at one stage, but couldn’t hold on to the lead after Verstappen came back with fresh tyres and did not even try to fend off the lead contemplatin the speed Red Bull engineers are generating.

After Montreal GP, Verstappen holds the lead of driver’s championship title by a whopping margin, while Leclerc lessened his distance with the 24-year-old Dutchman significantly after managing to close at fifth despite having been forced to open the race at 15th.

Hamilton feels relieved after getting into podium finish

Although, it remains to be seen how well Hamilton could manage a worrisome scale of bounciness that Mercedes cars are experiencing, latest change in luck could help the Briton secure an even better finish in the upcoming UK GP.

Meanwhile, after finishing third on Montreal GP despite faults in his car’s aerodynamics and customizations that must be addressed sooner or later, Hamilton said to the reporters, “It's quite overwhelming, honestly, to get this third place.

It's been such a battle this year with the car and as a team. But we continue to stay vigilant and focused and never giving up. That's something I'm so proud of, and I'm inspired by my crew. So, thank you to everyone that's here and back at the factory”.

Hamilton currently stands at sixth with 77 points behind Ferrari’s Sainz (102 points) in driver’s championship title, while Verstappen has been leading the tally with 175 points, 46 points ahead of teammate Perez and 49 points ahead of Red Bull’s Leclerc.