Driver’s championship standings after Canadian GP

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Driver’s championship standings after Canadian GP
Driver’s championship standings after Canadian GP (Provided by Financial World)

In an enthralling Montreal GP on Sunday, Verstappen had fended off Sainz to claim his career’s 26th victory. In the matter of the fact, Verstappen had to struggle throughout the race for the top spot, as the 24-year-old lightning Dutchman seized 25 points in the race, taking the tally to 175 points.

Nonetheless, on Sainz’s viewpoint, the Ferrari F1 driver who has been in great shape over recent weeks, has been provided with an opportunity to secure a victory following introduction of a late safety car, though, Sainz failed to outsmart an ultra-perfect and speedy Verstappen.

However, as the Spaniard had to settle in for a second position, Sainz managed to secure enough points to narrow his gap with Russel. Sainz currently stands at fifth in drivers’ standings ahead of Mercedes’ Hamilton.

Following a flabbergasting run in Baku GP, Perez had a day to forget in Montreal Grand Prix, as the Mexican had been met with a gearbox issue and had to accept an unprecedented DNF.

Standings after Canadian GP

In tandem, Ferrari decided to install a new engine for Leclerc considering the scale of slandering issues he had to grapple with in Baku GP.

As an aftermath, Leclerc had to start at the back of the grid, however, as true heroes came back again and again, Leclerc turned out to be a true hero of Montreal GP, as he managed to finish at fifth despite starting from the back and shelved 10 point.

After finishing at fifth in Canadian GP, Leclerc is now standing third with 126 points and Perez is at second with 129 points. Verstappen leads the grid in driver’s championship race with 175 points, 46 points ahead of Perez and 43 points ahead of Leclerc.