Charles Leclerc says Verstappen’s championship lead is a good motivation

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Charles Leclerc says Verstappen’s championship lead is a good motivation

Ferrari’s Leclerc stressed after finishing at fifth in Montreal GP that he is not worried about Verstappen’s lead. Nonetheless, latest remarks from Ferrari’s lightning Monacan came forth as the 24-year-old has made a heroic turnover in Montreal GP.

With little rooms to overtake coupled with a blazing competition at the top between Verstappen, Perez, Hamilton, Sainz and Russel, Leclerc managed to finish at fifth despite opening the race at the back. Leclerc had to open from the back as a penalty, as he has been provided with a new engine after a number of engine failures in recent past, which in effect had heavily costed the Monacan, as he lost a lead of nearly 45 points over Verstappen and currently stood 49 points behind the Dutchman whose perfection and speed had been splendid so far this season.

Leclerc says Verstappen’ lead is a motivation for him

Nonetheless, Leclerc lost 68 points over last four races. More surprisingly, he had pole positions three out of four last races. Meanwhile, speaking in an interview with a press agency, adding that he is not afraid of Verstappen’s lead, Leclerc said, “It motivates me.

It motivates me because of course I know the pace is in the car. I'm not worried, I'm just extremely motivated to finally have a clean weekend and show that we are here and we are strong. So yeah, in Silverstone hopefully we can do that”.

Besides, while being asked over Ferrari car’s reliability issue, Leclerc said, “Well, we can see that obviously also Red Bull had a few problems today [on Sergio Perez's car], so yeah, definitely reliability is going to be a big thing.

But that's what we need whenever we have more difficult weekends like this weekend, just to go and take some good points and that's what we did today”.