“Element of Theatre” in Toto Wolf’s safety concern, mocks Red Bull’s Horner

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“Element of Theatre” in Toto Wolf’s safety concern, mocks Red Bull’s Horner
“Element of Theatre” in Toto Wolf’s safety concern, mocks Red Bull’s Horner (Provided by Financial World)

After an enthralling finish of Montreal Grand Prix, Red Bull F1 Team boss Christian Horner has accused Mercedes’ Toto Wolff of overplaying angsts over the bumpiness of this season's F1 cars. In factuality, a number of technical regulations over this season’s F1 cars adopted during the year-end in a bid to enhance competitiveness has troubled many F1 Team’s engineers including Mercedes, which had won an eighth straight constructor’s title last season.

It is believed that the repercussion of new legislations had led to a handful of issues including dramatic bumps as well as complication in aerodynamics, which is usually known as porpoising. The porpoising effect stems lack of control on suspensions, eventually resulting in awkward bounces at higher speeds.

On top of that, latest remark from Red Bull’s Horner came forth as FIA have implemented a set of rules in order to lessen the impacts of bumpiness including a gauge which would determine the scale of acceptable bounciness.

Nonetheless, the technical directives from FIA aimed at policing the bounciness are yet to be unveiled.

"Element of drama” in Mercedes’ bounciness, says Horner

Besides, Red Bull’s Horner had been pressing for long that FIA must not intervene at this stage of the season, while the Team driver Verstappen who has been leading the title of driver’s championship by 46 points after Montreal GP, echoed the same tone after finishing the Canadian GP with 25 points.

Meanwhile, as Red Bull has been one of the least affected cars by the bumpiness issue, Horner said in an interview, “What was particular disappointing was the second stay because that has to be discussed in a technical forum and that is overtly biased to sorting one team's problems out, which were the only team that turned up here with it even in advance of the TD.

So, work that one out”. Besides, Horner also stressed that the F1 Teams have the best engineers in the world and they would have found out a way to resolve the issue given the required time and opportunity.

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