Nico Rosberg returns to wheel in Extreme E demo run

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Nico Rosberg returns to wheel in Extreme E demo run

Ex-F1 champion Nico Rosberg makes a tantalizing return into the cockpit of a racing car this week. In factuality, after departing professional racing back in the 2016, Rosberg made rare appearances behind driving wheel, however, he was found to be enjoying a demo run for his Extreme E team.

Rosberg, the 36-year old former F1 champion who drove for F1 teams between 2006 and 2016, has been seen behind the driving wheel of his team’s Rosberg X Racing car at Nurburgring offroad track earlier on Thursday, which is close to a famous F1 circuit and the Formula E team’s HQ.

Rosberg won F1 driver’s championship title back in the 2016 with Mercedes F1 Team.

Rosberg returns to Extreme E demo run

Meanwhile, expressing an out and out enthusiasm over his driving experience at an extremely off-road track, the 36-year-old German said, “This was simply a phenomenal experience.

I cannot believe the power of this car. Off-road driving is so much fun”. Rosberg had retired just days after winning the driver’s championship title in Formula One back in 2016s. Nevertheless, he has been an active participant of motorsports on different roles, but he never went back to F1 grid as a racer, tactician or manager.

Rosberg has acted as Robert Kubica’s manager, an occasional analyst in Sky Sports F1 as well as investor in Formula E. However, even in his time as an F1 driver, Rosberg did not hesitate to unfurl his enthusiasm about Formula E.

Later, instead of pursuing a career in Formula E, Roberg decided to create a team in Extreme E. Nevertheless, this week’s Formula E championship will also feature a team led by Rosberg’s former Mercedes teammate and the seven-times F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton.