Madrid shows interest in hosting F1 race

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Madrid shows interest in hosting F1 race

As an entirely new FI administration have been vying to vent out a way of an aggressive expansion stratagem with the US having been set to arrange as many as three events from next year, the City of Madrid had officially sent an application to become an F1 host, the city’s local Government had issued in a statement on Thursday.

Apart from the US, Middle East and South Africa are on FIA’s radar for further expansion as cited by top governing body officials over recent past. Nevertheless, FIA chief Domenicali was quoted saying earlier last month that Formula One could add as many as 30 events at its calendar next year, even as F1 Teams are obligated to participate in 24 events a year under their current contracts.

Madrid expresses intent to host races in Barcelona

Nonetheless, although, the Spanish capital had shown intent to arrange F1 races, but the city still lacks a F1-standard track.

On top of that, ‘Spain already hosts an F1 event in Barcelona, contracts of which would expire by 2026. Nevertheless, adding that the Spanish capital could overcome its shortcomings and could open talks with organizer Liberty Media on hosting Formula One event, Madrid’s regional Government Cabinet Minister Enrique Lopez wrote in a letter to Formula One Chief Domenicali, “I would like to confirm our commitment to you and to this project, as well as our willingness to sign the appropriate agreements to promote the race and offer a great sporting and entertainment spectacle”.

However, details of the deal are yet to be disclosed and while being asked over the issue, neither F1 nor Madrid’s regional Government office had agreed to comment over the subject-matter.