Ferrari needs to be perfect to deny Verstappen the championship title

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Ferrari needs to be perfect to deny Verstappen the championship title

Red Bull’s Verstappen, the current Formula One champion, appears to be unstoppable at this standpoint, while his closest competitor in terms of form, speed and accuracy, Ferrari’s Leclerc needs to be a quirky quibbler to deny Verstappen the driver’s championship title.

So far, Verstappen won six out of seven races that he managed to finish. Nonetheless, Verstappen had been in trouble on Canadian GP despite Leclerc’s absent at the top of the grid, as the 24-year-old Monacan had to open from the back as an aftermath of installing a new engine.

However, still Leclerc ended at fifth, showing true courage that is much-required for Ferrari to take on Verstappen. Verstappen had little rooms to take a sigh of relief until end of the race at Montreal Grand Prix, as Ferrari’s Sainz had been chasing him during last fifteen laps and finished just 0.9 seconds behind Verstappen.

Nevertheless, the 24-year-old flying Dutchman’s trait to remain as cool as ice in pressure situations, helped him finish the race at No 1 with 25 points, while Leclerc finished with 10 points.

Ferrari needs to be perfect to take on Red Bull, Verstappen

At this standpoint, Verstappen is 49 points ahead of Leclerc in driver’s championship battle, as Ferrari could not afford any kind of mistakes to take on Verstappen.

Meanwhile, expressing an out and out optimism over Verstappen’s form, Red Bull’s Horner said after Montreal GP, “Max is in the form of his life right now, absolutely clinical. He drove some amazing races last year under massive pressure, you think back to Austin and so on.

I think he's been so good under pressure; we've seen it so many times this year, Miami, Baku, etc etc. He's got more experience and he's just a very complete driver”.