Lando Norris opens up on death threats, horrific messages on girlfriend's twitter


Lando Norris opens up on death threats, horrific messages on girlfriend's twitter

Lando Norris, the 22-year-old Belgian-British McLaren F1 driver, had recently revealed that he had received death threats in a social media platform, while more shockingly, numerous hate pages about his girlfriend, a 22-year-old Portuguese model, are out there in Twitter and Instagram.

Besides, the MSA Formula Champion in 2015, also had acknwledged that he might not have done enough to handle the issue. The young talent is one of the most popular F1 celebrities in Britain having had millions of followers in multiple social media platform alongside streaming platform Twitch.

Nonetheless, speaking in an interview ahead of this year’s UK Grand Prix the 22-year-old Briton had opened up about the darker side of fame.

Lando Norris opens up on darker side of fame

Speaking in an interview with The Sun ahead of the weekend’s UK Grand Prix, Norris said that he got death threats every now and then and it’s tough to grapple with such circumstances.

Besides, Norris added, “If I had seen the threats when I started in 2019, it would have had more effect, but now I understand when you have to laugh -- not laugh at a death threat -- but laugh at the silly comments people come up with and things they try to create to get attention.

I want to race, travel the world, meet new people and create new experiences -- and they are using their one life sat behind a computer in their bedroom looking to try and ruin, annoy and bully someone”. On top of that, the 22-year-old was quoted saying that his girlfriend Luisinha Oliviera, a 22-year-old Portuguese model, had received horrific messages as well on social medias.

Meanwhile, addressing to the extent of hate speech spreading around Twitter and Instagram about his girlfriend, Norris said, “The amount of hate pages on social media dedicated to Luisinha now is pretty horrific. Instagram and Twitter are the main ones and it is not an easy thing for her”.

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