Is McLaren going to move on from Ricciardo? Will he retire at the end of year?

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Is McLaren going to move on from Ricciardo? Will he retire at the end of year?

Despite Ricciardo’s latest remarks that underscored his intent to stay on McLaren, murmurs are turning to rumbles about the 33-year-old Italian-Australian’s future in the Formula One team. In point of fact, multiple media toplines had reported that McLaren F1 Team have been looking for a replacement of Ricciardo, while Sebastian Vettel could find himself as a McLaren driver by next season, as Vettel was reportedly approached by McLaren F1 team.

On top of that, Ricciardo, the winner of seven F1 events in his career, has been struggling for forms this season. At this standpoint, it seems McLaren’s Norris has been gathering all the points which Ricciardo bagging only 17 coming into halfway of the season.

Norris racked up 64 points and stood at seventh in driver’s championship title race.

Is Ricciardo going to retire by end-2022

If truth is to be spoken, Ricciardo’s form has been far from disappointing since he had joined McLaren last season.

Besides, he couldn’t even play a supportive role for Norris, too, as rookies like of Mick Schumacher, Tsunoda, Zhou Guanyu, Albon and Latifi are behind him in driver’s championship title race. However, Stroll and Vettel’s standings could be vindicated by a low-budget Aston Martin F1 engineering team.

Nevertheless, expressing intent to stay on McLaren, the 33-year-old said in an Instagram post later this week, “There have been a lot of rumours about my future in Formula One but I want you to hear it from me. I am committed to McLaren until the end of next year and not walking away from the sport.

Appreciate it hasn't always been easy, but who wants easy! I'm working my a-- off with the team to make improvements and get the car right back to the front where it belongs. I still want this more than ever”.