Verstappen says F1 must keep iconic tracks like Spa

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Verstappen says F1 must keep iconic tracks like Spa

Amid conflicting narratives on whether the FIA should keep legacy tracks like of Monaco at its schedule, the reigning World champion Verstappen said on Friday that F1 must keep iconic tracks like of Belgium’s Spa-Francorchamps.

Nonetheless, latest remarks from reigning world champion, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, came forth as the 24-year-old flying Dutchman has been set to race in Spa, and the Southern French Le Castellet Circuit this weekend.

However, the circuit faces an immense scale of uncertainty amid growing popularity of tracks like of Miami, Las Vegas, Jeddah alongside Doha. Besides, in terms of profitability, legacy tracks are falling far behind, which in effect seem to be handing out a staple of headache for F1 on how it should revamp its annual schedule.

Under current contract, F1 teams are not bound to take part more than 24 races a year, however, FIA has reportedly been looking to host as many as 30 events a year.

Red Bull’s Verstappen says F1 should keep legacy tracks like of Spa

Nevertheless, rumours are loudening that FIA could replace legacy tracks like of Monaco in order to make rooms for more profitable expansions.

Besides, the Belgium-borne Dutch, Verstappen said that Spa had been his favourite childhood track adding, “It's just a great track to drive... I understand that to get there compared to other tracks, it's probably a little bit more difficult sometimes with the traffic.

I don't want to see myself in 2028 or whatever driving only on street circuits close to the city just for the fan engagement or whatever. I understand everyone wants to make money, but there is also a limit to that because it's important to keep these really cool circuits on the calendar instead of just driving on street circuits, which I think F1 cars are not designed for anyway.

What's sad is that on the other hand, Spa is probably my favourite track on the calendar... it's such a beautiful track, great place for racing and I think at the end of the day, it will be a loss, a loss for us as Formula One racing drivers”.