Mercedes qualifying performance is “a slap in the face,” says boss Toto Wolff

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Mercedes qualifying performance is “a slap in the face,” says boss Toto Wolff

Despite what has been widely viewed as a decent run in French GP qualifying for a Mercedes F1 team which have been vying to vent out a way to grapple with the speed of Red Bull and Ferrari, Mercedes F1 team boss Toto Wolff has branded his team’s performance in French GP qualifying “a slap in the face”.

Wolf, in tandem, said that his team have failed to meet expectation. Nevertheless, Mercedes’ Hamilton finishes at fourth, 0.89 seconds behind Leclerc who took the pole position. On top of that, Russel had been securing his position at fifth, but McLaren’s Norris has split the two Mercedes at the very end of Q3.

Wolff rebuffs Mercedes performance in Q3

In the matter of the fact, French GP’s twisty track layout coupled with a smooth surface were expected to help Mercedes, as Mercedes appeared to be struggling for speed in tracks which have long straights like of Austria GP.

Meanwhile, adding that he was expecting to finish within 0.3 seconds of Leclerc’s best lap-time, Hamilton said following the Q3, “My last lap was great. I finished it and thought that was an awesome lap, but I was still 0.9s off the guys ahead.

I am not sure why that gap has got bigger than the last two races -- they [Ferrari and Red Bull] are in their own league performance wise”. Nonetheless, Wolff said his team had failed to meet expectation adding “Expectation management is a bit of a thing this year, because we were slowly but surely working our way back to the front runners”.

On a neutral standpoint, Leclerc’s performance appears to be far beyond expectation as he finally cracked the lap-time into 1.3 seconds mark, forcing Verstappen and Sainz to push further, but the Red Bull drivers had finished 0.3 and 0.4 seconds behind Ferrari, respectively.