Standings after French GP: Verstappen cruises to French GP victory

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Standings after French GP: Verstappen cruises to French GP victory

A Sunday evening smiles again for Red Bull as Verstappen seized back-to-back victory at French GP after Leclerc had spun off and met with an unfortunate DNF while leading at lap 18. As Leclerc had to stomach a third DNF this season while leading the grid, Verstappen has stretched out his lead in driver’s championship title to 63 over the Monacan, while it appears nearly impossible for Ferrari to catch Red Bull coming into the second half of the season.

On top of that, Verstappen’s form has been extraordinary in a smooth and twisty French GP, while audiences were found to be cheering over the Dutchman during a number of speedy turns. Verstappen’s lead after Leclerc DNF had never been at risk.

Nonetheless, at lap six, Verstappen went wheel-to-wheel with Leclerc, but Leclerc’s astounding technique had forced the 24-year-old Dutchman to back off.

Verstappen takes French GP home after Leclerc DNF

Nevertheless, following Leclerc DNF, Hamilton was chasing Verstappen, while Perez and Russel were in a neck-to-neck battle.

Contemplating the speed Red Bull engineers are generating, Hamilton did not have a single chance to get closer to Verstappen, but Russel took a breath-taking move on lap 50 and surprisingly surpassed Perez. With just ten races remaining this season, Red Bull’s Verstappen stands strong and tall at No 1 with 233 points, while Leclerc has been at second position with 170 points.

Perez stood at third with 163 points, while Sainz couldn’t progress further despite a number of tantalizing moves in a high-traffic French GP. Sainz, Russel and Hamilton are at fourth (144), fifth (143) and sixth (127) positions, respectively.

Here is the standing after French GP

1 Verdstappen Red Bull 233
2 Leclerc Ferrari 170
Perez Red Bull 163
4 Sainz` Ferrari 144
5 Russel Mercedes 143
6 Hamilton Mercedes 127
7 Norris McLaren 70
8 Ocon Alpine 56
9 Bottas Alfa Romeo 46
10 Alonoso Alpine 37