Lewis Hamilton reveals the biggest problem of the last race

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Lewis Hamilton reveals the biggest problem of the last race

Lewis Hamilton tried to catch up with Max Verstappen in the last race. However, Lewis was not fast enough for the Dutchman, and he commented on the whole situation: "Literally I’m full gas down the straight and he's pulling away,” Hamilton said, as quoted by motorsport.

One of the biggest deficits was the straight line today. So if you’re losing four tenths, whatever it is, three tenths, on the straight, there’s nothing you can do about that. “So we've got to work to improve that for the future.

And I'm sure there's a couple other places that we could be better. But yeah, if I pushed any more, maybe I wouldn't have seen the end of the race at the same position. “So I had to also keep in mind keeping the car in one piece and keeping the tyres there.

This is the best result we could get”.

George Russell

His teammate, George Russell, was also excellent and eventually finished third. Lewis is happy about this result and hopes to continue at the same pace. “I definitely don't think George and I expected to be second and third,” Hamilton said.

“This is the highest I’ve been all year. So this is a huge day for me overall, and [I’m] looking forward to taking this positive energy onto Budapest”. Toto Wolff praised both drivers and believes that they showed quality.

It is obvious that the Mercedes car is not what it used to be, and Wolff is aware of it. However, both of them made the most of it and showed that they are top drivers. “I think you just see a seven-time world champion in a car that's maybe just not good enough for the world championship at the moment,” Wolff said.

“He’s just pushing very hard and maximising what's in the car. Faultless delivery. Clearly, both of them are outperforming the car at the moment”.