Max Verstappen after the last race: "Of course the lead we have is great, but.."

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Max Verstappen after the last race: "Of course the lead we have is great, but.."

Max Verstappen is in a big lead after the last race, but he doesn't want to get carried away, considering there are still races to go. "It's still very important to always score points, even on a bad day, which we did in Austria," said Verstappen, as quoted by motorsport.

"Of course the lead we have is great, but it's probably a bit bigger than what it should have been, when you look at the car performances between the two cars." The Dutchman expected much more from Leclerc "Immediately I could see that our balance was not bad, but he could also be just managing a bit," Verstappen said.

"It looked like we were very competitive, but that's of course what we like to see." Red Bull F1 boss Christian Horner could not hide his happiness after a good race. "It really is testament to the determination, the dedication and the hard work that has gone on behind the scenes within the factory," Horner said.

"We've seen Ferrari are very competitive also this year. We've seen Mercedes for sure are gathering momentum. But considering we were probably the last team to transition fully onto this year, it's been a phenomenal job."


Horner also revealed what tactics they had. "It was the earliest that we felt was on the limit for the one-stop, and the tyre deg was better than we expected going into the race, to be honest with you," Horner said.

"Going into the race we were leaning towards two [stops]. As the race unfolded, we started to move towards the one-stop, and we saw a little bit of track space that we could drop Max into. "We pulled the trigger, by halfway around the lap, he had track position, so from that point, it was just a matter of bringing the tyres in nicely."