Matia Binotto reveals the details: "What I have said to Charles Leclerc is.."

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Matia Binotto reveals the details: "What I have said to Charles Leclerc is.."
Matia Binotto reveals the details: "What I have said to Charles Leclerc is.."

Max Verstappen is on the throne and it is difficult for Ferrari to catch up with him. Nevertheless, it seems that Ferrari are optimistic about the continuation of the season, and believe that they can reach the very top. "I don't know, because I'm not counting points.

If you would have asked me before this race what was the gap to Red Bull or Max, I couldn't answer to you because I'm not looking. What we are focused on is trying to go to each single race and get the maximum results from it.

It didn't happen here in Paul Ricard, but I think we're already focused on Hungary and going there for a 1-2. I think each single race counts [the same] as the others. At the end of the season, we will do the sums and let's see where we are."- Matia Binotto said as quoted by motorsport.


Their motto is to be positive until the very end. At Ferrari, they believe in themselves and their success. "I think what's more important to see is the good package," he explained. "There is no reason why not to win 10 races from now to the end.

"I think that the way to look at it is positively, and I like to be positive - staying optimistic. Could something happen to Max and to Red Bull? It already happened to them as it happened to us. Maybe it happens as well. "But I'm not counting on it.

I think we need to be focused on ourselves and do the best." He also sent a message for Charles Leclerc. "What I have said to Charles is that things are more complicated, but not impossible," he said. "And simply we will enjoy more in case we can turn it into a victory at the end.

"We need to stay focused in each single race. If I look back on the last races, we had always a great potential. It didn't turn into the best results in terms of championship points, but right now there is no reason why in the next 10 races that cannot happen. "The potential is there. The drivers are fantastic. So I am pretty positive."

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