Ferrari boss defends Leclerc: “Unfair” to call Leclerc error-prone

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Ferrari boss defends Leclerc: “Unfair” to call Leclerc error-prone

Amid conflicting narratives on whether Charles Leclerc has been error-prone after French GP DNF, Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto raised voice in favour of his only hope against the reigning driver’s championship title race, Charles Leclerc adding that the 24-year-old Monacan will be back as a better driver.

In the matter of the fact, latest remarks from Ferrari boss came forth a day after the 24-year-old had to digest his third DNF this season while leading the grid. Over the weekend’s French GP, Leclerc’s car spun off and hit the safety tyres at a high-speed turn 11 on lap 18.

Leclerc has been in a commanding position with Verstappen struggling behind him at second place before the DNF. Nonetheless, after Leclerc DNF, two Mercedes drivers Hamilton and Russel who had finished at second and third, had no chance to get closer to Verstappen.

Ferrari boss fends off Leclerc after French GP DNF

Meanwhile, speaking in an interview with a press agency, Ferrari boss Binotto had fended off Leclerc saying that it would be an unfair judgement, if Leclerc is being branded as an error-prone.

Besides, Binotto added, “I think it's a bit of an unfair judgement. I think he was driving certainly at the limit. There are things that may happen when you're driving to the limit. Why it happened, [we will see if] is there anything else, we take our time with him to discuss, and to judge, but at the moment there is no reason to blame him.

I'm pretty sure he will learn. We have always seen that Charles is reacting very strongly and well to when he's doing mistakes. And I'm pretty sure that he will be back in Hungary stronger and hungry”. With just 10 races remaining this season, French GP DNF had significantly jeopardized Leclerc’s title-hope, as his gap with Verstappen reached to a whopping 63 points in driver’s championship title race.