Red Bull hired a psychologist for Yuki Tsunoda: Recently I'm not like that angry


Red Bull hired a psychologist for Yuki Tsunoda: Recently I'm not like that angry

Yuki Tsunoda proved to be a temperamental driver who always gives his best and wants to go all the way. Ever since his debut, many have noticed how vocal Tsunoda is while driving and he often has certain outbursts. It's obvious that Tsunoda has to work on it and find a solution.

Red Bull has hired a psychologist to help him, and we will see if it will be a good solution. However, Tsunoda believes that he is now much better and knows how to control himself. "On the race track, as soon as I wear a helmet, probably it gets slightly easier to get frustrated,” Tsunoda said for motorsport Recently I’m able to control it well, compared to last year for sure.

I don’t think it’s only myself that gets angry around the track. It looks like I’m specifically angrier than others because I’m probably shouting, that’s why. Recently I’m not like that angry.

I keep myself calm."

Yuki Tsunoda and results

Tsunoda believes that the most important thing for him is to achieve good results and that should be his focus. “Of course it’s not every time. But yeah, I think there are other things I have to focus on, so I don’t really care much for those things.

“I think even I shout, as soon as I perform well in that race week, no one cares”. In the last race, Esteban Ocon caused contact with Tsunoda, which frustrated the young Japanese. However, he hopes that he can achieve better results in Hungary.

“He had understeer mid-corner and just smashed into me, so there was nothing I can do to be honest,” Tsunoda said of the incident. “It was such a shame. I think the top eight was possible easily. Really a shame. I’ll have to come back stronger in Hungary again and score good points”.

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