Porsche’s plan to purchase 50 per cent stake in Red Bull revealed

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Porsche’s plan to purchase 50 per cent stake in Red Bull revealed

As Volkswagen AG has long been vying to vent out a way to break the dawn of F1 arena with its luxury car brand Audi and Porsche, a document published late on Thursday by Morocco’s Conseil de la concurrence had unveiled Porsche’s takeover proposal of a 50 per cent stake in Red Bull’s F1 operation.

As beforementioned, latest attempt of Porsche to purchase a 50 per cent stake in Red Bull followed months of speculation on whether Volkswagen AG would be able to reappear in Formula One, as a raft of carmakers appear to be on the lookout to find their ways into F1 contemplating a mass-scale rise in popularity of Formula One across the globe, in particular in the US and Middle East.

However, whispers are loudening that Porsche could make a return into F1 arena by 2026, though, sources familiar with the issue could not confirm that an accord had been reached. Apart from that, with FIA’s Domenicali looking to add as many as 30 events by 2023 including a Saturday night Las Vegas sprint alongside a South African GP, carmakers and potential future team owners are lining up to take a place in Formula One, as profitability to cost ratio has increased histrionically over recent years in F1.

Porsche’s plan to purchase 50% stake in Red Bull unveiled

Aside from that, the document made public by Morocco’s Conseil de la concurrence, added that the organization was notified about the proposal on July 8.

On top of that, the Moroccan Conseil had said that a JV would likely to be set off between Red Bull and Porsche in a bid to develop and manufacture power units for Red Bull F1 cars, while Red Bull also had issued a statement on Thursday acknowledging Porsche’s involvement with its Formula One team.