Lewis Hamilton on whether Sebastian Vettel's decision influenced him to do the same

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Lewis Hamilton on whether Sebastian Vettel's decision influenced him to do the same

After Sebastian Vettel decided to retire at the end of the season, there were speculations that Lewis Hamilton could do the same. Speaking to express, Hamilton revealed whether Vettel's decision influenced him to perhaps do the same;
“It doesn’t.

It’s a reminder that I am in that part of my career that the people I came up with and race with for so long are starting to stop. Before you know it, Fernando [Alonso] will not be there and then who is after that? I will be the oldest I guess.

“It has not made me think about that because I am thinking about how I can improve this car, what the next step is we need to get this team winning again, what is the road map to winning another world championship”.

Rumours on whether Hamilton will continue in F1 have circulated all season after Mercedes struggles.

Hamilton on his goals

Lewis is satisfied with his career and what he has done and believes that he has a lot more to do.

Although he is not in the best shape this season, Hamilton is confident that things will fall into place. "I firstly just want to be grateful to get to this point. I'm still fresh and still feel I've got plenty of fuel left in the tank.

Of course, I want to get back to winning ways and that's going to take time. I'm sure we'll sit down at some stage and talk about the future." Ambitions in the future remain the same as before; Fight for the title.

This is what we are used to from him. “I'm enjoying what I'm doing, and feel really proud working with this incredible group of people. I'm also enjoying working with the sport more than ever. We've got some great people leading the sport, we're having great conversations about the direction we're going in”.