Sebastian Vettel vouches Schumacher to replace him at Aston Martin

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Sebastian Vettel vouches Schumacher to replace him at Aston Martin

Earlier on Friday, ahead of Hungarian GP practice, Sebastian Vettel had flabbergasted many by vouching for Mick Schumacher to replace him, when he retires. However, on Thursday, Vettel’s announcement of retirement by end-2022 came as a shock to many, as the 35-year-old four-times world champion’s juggernaut might just have more patrols left in the docket.

Nonetheless, as the German had made up his mind and decided to leave Formula One to spend more time with his family, the winner of four straight driver’s championship title between 2010 and 2013 with Red Bulls, had vouched in favour of Mick Schumacher to take his place at Aston Martin, surprising many as Schumacher has reportedly been in a red zone in Haas.

Besides, whispers are loudening that Haas F1 team has been looking for a replacement of Mick Schumacher, as the 23-year-old has been failing to make an impression in Formula One despite having had a decent track record as a teen driver.

Schumacher has been a reserve driver of Scunderia Ferrari.

Vettel backs Schumacher as his replacement

More importantly, Vettel has been close to Schumacher’s family and grew up idolizing Michael Schumacher, too. Meanwhile, adding that he had a brief conversation about Aston Martin owner Stroll about Mick’s stance as a possible replacement when he retires, Vettel added, “Well obviously I spoke to Lawrence and told them that I am not going to continue.

We did have a very, very brief chat about what might be next. I do have my opinion. I think very highly of Mick. I'm obviously not entirely objective because I am very close to him, but I do think he's a great driver. He's a learner…… he is also very young still”.