Verstappen wins Hungarian GP as Leclerc says Ferrari needs to get better

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Verstappen wins Hungarian GP as Leclerc says Ferrari needs to get better

The trough of fortune turns in favour of Verstappen again in Hungarian GP, as the flying Dutchman seized his 28th victory in 50 F1 appearances with Mercedes’ Hamilton alongside George Russel finishing at second and third place respectively, while Ferrari’s Leclerc has stressed that his F1 team need to get better as a whole.

In point of fact. Hungarian GP ha been a total disaster for Ferrari, as despite having a pole position, Ferrari’s Leclerc and Sainz had finished at sixth and fourth place respectively. Overtaking is traditionally tough in a tight and twisty Hungarian GP Track, However, Verstappen put up a tremendous show to win the Grand Prix starting from p9.

Leclerc says Ferrari needs to get better as a whole

In the matter of the fact, Ferrari’s tyre choice for Ferrari has been subject to deep disgrace, as after choosing hard tyres, Leclerc failed to generate speed and shrugged off his lead.

Leclerc has been spearheading the grid for nearly half of the race. Hard tyres are durable and slower, while soft tyres are faster and lack sturdiness. Meanwhile, adding that he wanted to have a soft tyre, Leclerc said, “I made it clear that the medium [tyre] I wanted to keep it as long as possible, but we pitted very early for the hard, which we need to understand why”.

While being asked whether he is frustrated to witness another race being slipped away, Leclerc stressed, “Obviously, a race like this is frustrating. And need to get better as a whole. You know, it always feels like there's always something going on, whatever is, reliability, mistakes, whatever.

But we need to be better putting a weekend together. And yeah, we will try and use the few days that we have to reset, but obviously also to analyse and to understand where we need to be better, and what we can do to get better, because this is extremely important”.

Ahead of a month-long Summer break, Verstappen steps up his lead over Leclerc to a whacking 70 points.