Alpine was in dark on Alonso move before Aston Martin press release

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Alpine was in dark on Alonso move before Aston Martin press release

A blindfolded Alpine F1 Team get to know about Alonso’s decision to join Aston Martin by year-end through a Monday morning press briefing, Alwas the first confirmation I had”. On top of that, latest remarks from the Alpine F1 team boss comes over the heels of a surprising decision from Aston Martin to hire a 41-year-old Alonso in a multi-year deal.

Aside from that, although, Alonso is still contemplated as one of the best drivers in F1, his current run this season has been disappointing. However, many analysts had laid the blames on a low-budget Alpine F1 constructor team.

Alonso returned into F1 last year following a gap of two years.

Alpine only learn of Alonso’s decision via press briefing

Nevertheless, Aston Martin hae had little option but to gamble on Alonso’s experience, as the team’s four-time world champion Vettel announced his retirement by end-2022 last week.

Vettel won four straight driver’s championship title between 2010 and 2013 with Red Bull, while Alonso won two consecutive F1 title back in the 2005 and 2006 with Renault. Meanwhile, adding that he knew nothing about Alonso’s hasty decision to join Aston Marin from 2023, Alpine boss Szafnauer said, “Obviously, when we're in the paddock, there's all sorts of rumours, and I had heard rumours that Aston were interested.

Once you hear that they're interested, there's probably discussions that took place and there's some other indications that discussions took place, like walking out of the same motorhome at the same time, all that kind of stuff, which I saw.

But I was confident that, even with the discussions, and there's nothing wrong with exploring, that we were very close. So yes, the first confirmation I had was the press release. I did ask the question [to Alonso]. And I was told: 'No, no, I haven't signed anything.'

So I was a bit surprised”. The Alpine boss added that he could not contact Alonso since the breaking off of the media topline.