Stefano Domenicali offered a new job to Sebastian Vettel!

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Stefano Domenicali offered a new job to Sebastian Vettel!

Many were surprised by Sebastian Vettel's decision to end his career at the age of 35. It looked as if the German would be part of Formula 1 for the next couple of years. However, he thought about the decision for a long time and finally decided that it was the best for him.

Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali was surprised by such a decision and revealed that he plans to communicate with Vettel. "I read it on the news," Domenicali said. "Now I will speak to Sebastian." After a few days, Domenicali confirmed that he had a conversation with Vettel.

The Italian offered him to become part of F1 and to get a new role. However, Sebastian was apparently not that interested. "Among other things, we talked about his decision and the future," Stefano said. "Sebastian will always be associated with Formula 1.

And of course we want that connection to remain close in the future. "If he is interested in becoming part of our system and the approaches fit together, I would of course welcome him here," Domenicali, 57, added. "But we already know that, after the season, he wants to sort himself out and enjoy time with his family."

Domenicali's reaction: "We're not behind"

Domenicali reacted to Vettel's statement that Formula 1 is lagging behind in the area of sustainable technological progress.

However, the Italian is not particularly worried about that and believes that Formula 1 has everything in its hands. He is satisfied with the current situation. "It makes a difference whether you have to get a single car prepared for one or two laps or twenty cars prepared for 70 laps and a whole season," Domenicali insisted.

"We're not behind with technology - on the contrary. We're ahead of schedule. "I will definitely experience environmentally-friendly fuel in Formula 1 during my lifetime," he predicted.